Solution to Cargo Logistics Security by Waterproof GPS Ttracking Device

Expensive goods and important products always need to be taken care of, but recently something improves the risk of goods. With the improvement of longer supply chains add touch points, the more and more holes appears, therefore, many criminal organizations aimed at the hole and the cargo security should concern. We can see that the cargo theft has increased 34% in 2014, and rose in Asia as well, according the professional research, the greatest risk of cargo theft currently exists in Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, and the main method is hijacking. In fact, every market has own risk, and security managers should have a knowledge of different cultural normals and business practices. Such as some risks which caused by terrible weather, political unrest, natural disaster and others.

Although people manufacture various solutions to address those risks continuously, but the criminals also continually adapt their tactics. A strategy which is a favorite tool of polices that called waterproof gps tracking device, but thieves still have their solution, the device which next to them has the functions of blocking the vehicle’s GPS signal and hijack the trunk, quickly reload the cargo onto a second vehicle. But Jimilab’s technology which based on RF beacons will make you not worry about the issues, it can counteract the jamming detection and other tactics. waterproof gps tracking device has solution to meet the cargo logistics requirement to long haul logistics and retail distribution, it has a matured tool which based on the management system and robust GPS technology. Here I will introduce some details of GPS tracking system in Jimilab.



GPS – we can track your vehicle, employees, and freight at all times easily and communicate with the drivers. And the system allow monitoring.

Manage and Secure Asserts – GPS/AVL technology combine advances national alarm technology and sensor technology in a unique way.

Cargo Security – We can supply GPS bag for the protection of vehicle, and the GPS tracking system has a unique combination of alarms and an ignition kill switch.

Covert Installation – Because of some criminals have known that GPS tracking device which put on the vehicle roof and make GPS kid tracker not work well, but waterproof gps tracking device in Jimilab make you not worry about this, we are your fisrt supplier of GPS tracker and solve the issue easily, because it is covertly installed.

Today’s solution have to need the network connectivity of your mobile device. With solutions of vehicles, phone GPS just designed specifically for meeting the requirments of the transportation and cargo logistics industries, as for the assistants or the boss you can overcome tough economic challenges by improving the efficiency of your operation—and your workers with waterproof gps tracking device. If you think the advise is useful and want to get one or more, welcome to click at


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Some Guidances of Electronic Trackers

Whether we are out of home, security is the most important thing in our mind, let alone traveling or do some outdoor activities such as freeride, mountain walking or climbing, paragliding are those where accidents can be serious or fatal. Having the possibility to follow physically the position of a person on regular basis can be comfortable for family, relatives or others. Well, electronic trackers solve this problem well. The GPS tracking device is meant to propose a simple and portable solution for people to get traced during a trip. The application is web based and should be available for every people who have the possibility to.

  • Run a small Java application on its mobile phone.
  • Has link between a GPS device and its mobile phone.
  • Has Internet access.

In fact, this concept is so new that there are a lot of applications involving GPS are available on the market, nowadays almost every new car is equipped with a Car GPS tracker device on board and help people in city or country side to find their road; Parents can put the portable GPS tracker in the school bag of the kids and can know where the kid is at any point of time. Kids can press a panic button of the device in case of any problems and phone call will be connected to the parent’s mobile and keep on dialing till he picks up the phone. Just we call it SOS button in Jimilab; It’s also quite useful for companies for tracking their sales staff, for military persons as the commander will know the location of his personnel any time when he is at battle field or patrolling, It is also useful for police force to track their staff and officers anytime they want. From the above, Application of portable GPS tracker includes valuable property, medical facility, electric facility, petro facility, special professional personnel, such as policemen,soldiers, prison administrators, security guard, etc. Except those, it is also helpful for disadvantaged groups, such as elders, kids, patients, etc. Of course, it is also for outdoor-sports groups,such as go-abroad, traveling and exploring, etc.


Here are Some Test Steps for Portable GPS Tracker:

1. Get a active SIM card with both GSM SMS and GPRS data service. Make sure the SIM card can send SMS and have GPRS function.

2. Insert the SIM card, and make sure install the cover or waterproof rubber properly. Because only you install the waterproof rubber or the cover properly,the SIM card will have a good contact with Waterproof GPS Tracking system.

3. Check Installation. Call the tracker SIM card, and see whether it’s with signal. If it can ring, but won’t pick up the phone, it means the SIM card is with signal, and you can go next.

4. Set the master number. It’s very important. The right command is: *master*123456*+45XXXX*

5. Set the APN. It’s very important. The right command is: *apn*apn content*apn user*apn password*. if you didn’t get any reply, then please kindly check whether your SIM card is with active GPRS or GSM SMS service, or whether your sim card is fit well.

6. Login into web tracking platform. After set the right apn and master number, then you can go to our web platform: input the master number and password to login in.

A GPS tracking device from Jimilab setted up completely and ready to use, and it need not some technology. For real time tracking, once when you receive your portable tracking device, what you need to do is just log into your mapping panel and then you will be receiving tracking information immediately. There is no need for specialist software, just an internet connection by a mobile device. For tracking a stolen vehicle or missing relative persons, it can be especially useful if you are tracking while on the move yourself. Otherwise, Jimilab also supplies GPS tracker app which are available for both Apple and Android devices to make the process of portable GPS tracker even much easier.

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How to Arrange the Wire of Smart Rear View Mirror?

After buying a smart rear view mirror, the first thing you may worry about is that the installation. In fact, we have told you about how to install the smart rear view mirror in Jimilb’s tutorial, but here I want to focus on the cable arrangement. Because of many customers have reported that they do not know how to arrange the wire, if let the wire hang in there, it not only beautiful, but also affect your sight, at another hand, the wire is too long, it is possible to wrap around the handbrake by mistake when you are driving, it is easy to affect the using of your cars. In fact, we can hide it completely by a good wire arrangement and then we will not worry about the appeances that we can hide the wire in the interiror of this joint inside or the gap among sealing strips. Here I will recommend a kind of wire arrangement to you (shown as the figure).

JC600 Wire Diagram

Tips of wire arrangement

1. Do not arrange at the location of airbags to avoid the balloon pop, and prevent to be damaged by the poped balloon.

2. Put the wire from windscreen along with stuffedd interior panels of A-pillars, downward side of the through the center console, and then from glove box to cigarette lighter.

cigarette lighter

3. You also can arrage the wire follow by you own. walk with the wire first and determine to how long wire you will buy, bacause many sellers have different choices.

4. Walk the wire from one end of the DVR, then you can leave the extra wire alone and the lefet wire is easy to hide and fixed, but you should know that wire can not slide across the seat, or rearview monitor mirror is possible to damage it when you adjust the seat.

Jimilab’s smart rear view mirror has following advantages, it comes with a detachable Bluetooth earpiece for added convenience. To make sure the caller can hear you loud and clear, this smart rear view mirror comes with full duplex noise cancellation MIC located right at the front of the unit, enabling you to have the most comfortable and enjoyable hands free conversation with callers.

This smart rear view mirror can also execute functions such as voice dialing, last number redial, call waiting, one touch answer and many more. You’ll be amazed at the convenience of all these features once you try them, and you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them. When car dvr box comes to safety in the vehicle, there are no compromises. Every componed and device you add has to perform reliably, and at the same time be simple and intuitive to operate. Jimilab’s products are painstakingly engineered to incorporate the latest in sensing, display and wireless technology so that your driving experience is enhanced without distaction. Whether you need to travel, be entertained or just stay connected, depend on Jimilab’s smart rear view mirror to help you.

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Here to Buy Rearview Mirror GPS for Your Car

Have you ever met a small or big accident because someone cut you off? Or have you never really mastered changing lanes because that some small cars on the freeway is purposely driving in your blind spot? Well, the car navigation box from Jimilab will solve the problem for you whenever and wherever you are driving. Using instant playback of recorded footage to show authorities in case of an incident to prove you were not at fault. Use instant playback of recorded footage to show authorities in case of incident to prove you were not at fault! Sometimes leave your trunk unattended? Bulit-in motion detection will automatically record if someone approaches your trunk. Safeguard from theft of personal items, or cargo.


This Rearview Mirror GPS (eg: JC 900 in Jimilab) is always connected to the network which features high-speed, large capacity, and low delay, allowing real time communication of work instructions and fleet management use cloud services. The Rearview Mirror GPS is enabling real time cloud based fleet management. This enables the system to support customers’ operational efficiency and communication of work instructions. It can be used for the next-generation telematics service, such as getting the images from the camera and check the situation of the vehicle from a distant place.




Another feature is that the safe driving support service. Mirror monitor uses a built-in front-view camera with a a wide-angle lens and analyzes the images captured with this camera using unique image sensing technology, to provide the driver with alerts on the scree and sound when the vehicle in front starts moving or if your vehicle departs the lane. Rearview Mirror GPS can also be used as a driving recorder for capturing and recording front view images, recording front view images in several seconds before and after a shock is detected.


We all know that Android Rearview MirrorRearview Mirror GPS is also called rear view mirror GPS by someone. It not only can allow the drive to see rearward through the vehicle’s backlight (rear windscreen), but integrated with GPS navigation system that act as a navigator when you are driving. Our Rearview Mirror GPS usually have a LCD monitor, it is also a handsfree bluetooth mirror, can fit over the original rearview mirror, but if you want to replace it with a new one, you may take a look at our replacement GPS rearview mirrors, which has a bracket to fit your unique car. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us. Jimilab is a reliable provider in China, all the rear view mirror GPS are direct from manufacturers with cheap price and quality assurance. Welcome come to visit


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Car GPS Tracker can boost your company

A hassle-free business will be the objective of each company owner. For owners of trucking or car services, GPS monitoring devices for vehicles enhance productiveness, raises financial savings, and generates other advantages. Locating an unfamiliar deal with or location requires less time. This improves time administration and customer support.

The GPS function allows business people to watch their fleet of automobiles while around the road. Throughout an assignment, drivers are aware that they can’t deviate in the authorized routine and location since their movement is being monitored electronically.

Throughout unavoidable accidents and car breakdown, the vehicle may be located via GPS method. Unexpected emergency healthcare and towing services are effortlessly knowledgeable about the exact location. Concox GPS vehicle trackers can be used for theft restoration efforts by local authorities. The device has attributes that offer the precise location coordinates of the misplaced car.

Worker downtime, gasoline wastage, and misuse of business time contribute to much less productivity and earnings. These models help decrease the event of these issues. Speed alerts, place zones, and traffic situations are effectively monitored, supplying the owner a way of overseeing the company in the workplace.

GPS tracker on phone

Smartphone have become tremendously popular in last few years. This has resulted in a tug of war between Smartphone manufacturing companies and they want to introduce as many features as they can in every model so that they can outshine their competitors and lure the customers. One of the most important features that are being used in all the Smartphone is GPS tracking. Smartphone manufacturers have realized this fact that people are getting very interested in GPS tracking and therefore they are trying to provide the best possible GPS service in their phone.

GPS tracker on phone has become an indispensability part of every Smartphone. People are also using GPS features from their phone and they are now understanding its importance. There are many uses that can be availed with help of GPS tracking system. The most common use is of course in finding out the route and directions from one location to another. But apart from it, there are also some indirect features that can be availed by suing a Smartphone and GPS service. One of them is the feature by which one can track cell phones suing GPS service.

This can be done in a few simple steps. First of all the user needs to download a mobile tracking app in his phone and install it. After that he would be able to track his phone by suing that app from any location. This app is useful for tracking a cell phone when he is not able to find it. In case he has misplaced it or it is stolen, this feature can be used to find it out.

In the same way a network of tracking can be built by using the same format. This will enable tracking of all the cell phones in that network. By this way, people will be able to keep a track on the other people connected to their circle with a common app. This feature is useful to know where your close friends or family member is at any particular moment. This information can be used for general tracking as well as at the time when there is an emergency.

So we can understand that GPS tracking in phone can be used in different ways. All these methods are useful in their own way and this is the reason that GPS tracking is being increasingly used in phones. So if you have not tried this feature as yet then it is time for you to experience it!

A look into GPS tracking systems for automobiles

GPS devices are being widely used in different sectors for different reasons. While at domestic level, people use GPS tracker for personal reasons, they are also used for business purpose at the professional level. For this reason, GPS devices are designed for different sectors. Among-st all the sectors, GPS tracking systems for automobiles are most popular both in terms of popularity as well as in sales. In this article, we will learn about the different purpose that a GPS device can serve in automobiles sector.

As stated above, GPS tracker can be used for both personal as well as professional reasons. When it comes to automobiles, a car too can be used for both personal as well as for business. If you are using a GPS tracking system in your personal car, then you will be able to find a new or unknown route. You just need to feed the target location and the GPS device will start sending you directions and other relevant instructions in real time.

Other than this basic feature, GPS device will also alert you about the speed limit and let you know as soon as you cross the allowed speed at any given time. This will not only make your journey safe but will also prevent possible fine by the traffic officer. GPS tracker can also be used by people other than the driver. Imagine that it is your aged father or kid, who is driving the car and you are worried about their safety. In such a case, with help of GPS tracker you will be able to keep a track on the movements of the car from anywhere. This will not only make you feel secured but also allow you to take immediate action in case of an emergency.

All the above features can also be used at business level. Although the features will remain the same, but their application and utilities would change at business level. For example, in case of cabs, the manager would be able to keep a track on the cars and the drivers with help of the GPS tracking system and use that information for running the business smoothly. So, although GPS would serve exactly same purpose here as well, but the business would be able to make monitory gain from it; whereas in case of personal use, the benefits will not be commercial. In any case, GPS tracker would prove to be a very useful device for individuals as well as for businesses.

Application of a vehicle GPS tracker

A vehicle GPS tracker is going to be a very useful device for you, both a s a driver as well as a tracker. There are various applications of a vehicle GPS tracker and it depends on your requirements as to how you would like to use it. In this article we are going to cover some important situations where you will find vehicle GPS tracker of great help.

· The most common situation in which a vehicle GPS tracker is going to help you is when you are driving your own vehicle. Be it a car or a motorbike or even truck or bus, a vehicle GPS tracker will be able to show you the right way at all the time and ensure that you remain on the right track throughout your way. This is not only useful for long drives, but is also useful when you are trying to locate an address within your own city.

· Next application of a vehicle GPS tracker comes in to play when you are controlling the vehicle from a different place. If your kid or spouse is driving the car then keeping a track on them would be easy for you with help of the GPS tracker. Not only can you keep a track on their movement buy you can also determine that the car is traveling at a safe speed and if it is moving in the right direction.

· In case you find your car missing at some time, it would be easy for you to find out where it is at any given span of time with help of a vehicle GPS tracker. By simply testing command to your Car GPS, you will know the present position of your car. If someone is running away with it, then it won’t take you long to catch him!

· Finally, a vehicle GPS tracker is of great use in a fleet managing system. When you require to keep a rack on multiple vehicle at the same time, there can not be anything better than a vehicle GPS tracker. It will allow you to know the location and positioning and movement of all the vehicles at any time which will help you in better management. You can instruct the drivers who are running out of time to speed up and you can also arrange for alternative if you fear that some vehicle will not be able to reach the destination at time Once the drivers are aware that they are being monitored, they are likely to perform better. All this will help your business to run smoothly and prosper!

A look into GPS for tracking cars

Car GPS are getting more and more popular these days. In past people use to prefer GPS service through their Smartphone, but as the GPS tracker become more sophisticated and started to provide some great premium features that can only be availed in personal GPS devices, people began to understand that they are worth an investment and today, millions of car throughout world use Car GPS trackers.

There are some great benefits of using Car GPS trackers. With a tracker to guide your way, you do not have to bother about getting lost at any time, nor do you need to think twice about getting in to an unknown area fearing what would happen if you are lost in the midway. All this adds up to the excitement of the drive and makes it more adventurous. Car GPS trackers is also very useful when you have to track nearby location and you are new to the place. In such ace, you can use the car tracker to perform his task for you.

A GPS device is not only useful when you are driving the car, you can also avail its indirect benefits even when you are off the car and someone else is driving it. For instance if your child has taken the car for a drive and has promised you that he won’t go far or drive too fast. You can ensure that he obeys you by sitting at your home with help of GPS tracker. It allows to you set the speed limit and you will receive an instant alert in your mobile as soon as the car crosses that speed. In the same way, you will receive an instant alert as soon as the car travels outside the geo fence area set by you. You can also set an alert to the car to enter a restricted area. In this way, GPS tracker in your car will make the drive safe only for you, but also for your near and dear ones!

Car GPS tracker also facilitates SOS button. This is an emergency button that upon pressing will send an emergency alert to all the important numbers that are feed in it. In this way, the people closely related to the driver of the car will come to know that there in an emergency situation and that the driver might be in danger. The location details are sent along with the message so that the river can be tracked and helped as soon as possible.

GPS tracking device for car

If you have a car and are not using a GPS tracker for it, then you surely are missing out on the all the advantages that you would be able to avail when you use it. GPS tracking device for car can not only make driving more adventurous but it can also be of great help during the time of a crisis. Let us explore this topic further in this article and find out how you can make things a lot better for yourself and for your car by using a GPS device in it.

First of all, car driving is all about enjoying. When you are driving and especially when you are out for a long drive, you would not like to be bothered about petty things like asking the route and ensuring that you are heading in the right direction. That kills the adventure factor of the drive. You rather want an uninterrupted drive and GPS tracking device will provide you just that. You only need to let it know your destination and it will do the rest by itself. You will start receiving instant directions and suggestion from the GPS device and it will also tell you the interesting and useful places that are coming along your way so you will neither miss a petrol pump and nor a museum!

GPS tracking device for car can also be set for a certain speed which you would like to maintain during the drive. As soon as you pass it, it will alert you to slow down. This will make your driving safe and also save you from speed penalties! It will also suggest you route with minimum traffic and shortcuts to your destination. All this will save time, money and hassle and will make driving a pleasure.

With GPS tracking device for car, you will also be able to control and keep a track on your car’s activity from a distance. By simply sending text commands to the GPS device you will know the location of your car and where is it heading towards. This feature is going to be very useful when at some bad day, you find your car missing from the garage and fear that it might have been stolen. Such a feature will make its tracking easy and will help you greatly in receiving your car. So you can easily understand the role of GPS tracking device in your car. So just go for it!